facebookSouthsea Spel├Žological Society is a member based caving club originating in the Portsmouth region,with members along the south coast of Britain.  An annual subscription is charged, which includes membership of the British Caving Association and the Council of Southern Caving Clubs. We aim to introduce people to caving in hope they get the bug and want to continue and develop their own skills. Other outdoor and social activities are also arranged.


The club was founded in 1974 by a group of student teachers finding that to continue gaining access to some caves they would need to belong to an organised caving club. Today the sport has a much wider appeal.


The strength of the club has always been the tight bond of friendship between members whilst at the same time always welcoming newcomers whether they be experienced or have no experience whatever. This has led us to maintain a fine balance between caving trips for beginners and more advanced ones for experienced cavers.